Where´s all the beer hiding?

We awake in the morning and although we have sent more CS requests out while at Will´s we still have no positive replies, so this morning we start looking at hostel options, in Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Hermosa and around. (Will is good enough to allow us to let ourselves out when we´re ready) But either they were nice and full, had only dorms free and expensive or looked really crummy… so in the end we opted to go back to The Stay in Downtown, at least there we knew what we´d get, it was clean, modern, a bit soul-less but cheap!

Funnily enough once we´re back in town, we find we have an email from one of the Venice Beach hostels saying they have had a cancellation, oh well we´re committed now. We leave our bags in reception as check-in isn´t till 3pm and set off to go look at the rest of the Geffen exhibition. It was free Thursday night and free all day today as well, what we didn´t bank on was the huge queue that greeted us as we rounded the corner…. Oh well we saw most of it the other evening, we´re not up for queuing in the heat so we decide to go grab some lunch in Japantown, a fishy salad and very nice too.

Then we decide on a Wi-Fi afternoon of research and admin in the lounge of the hostel. Before finishing the day with a very cheap and very huge pizza from a nearby takeaway – a Monday night special of any pizza from the menu for $15, they´re all about 50cm diameter. Not planning to finish it we surprise ourselves while watching our now apparently addicted to soap: “How I met your mother” (thanks Dan). We have cable TV in the room but no guide and its virtually impossible working out what´s on, we just get frustrated with each other flicking through the channels…

Oh and we´ve decided it must just be this area (least we hope it is), but it´s really hard to find a corner shop or any shop for that matter selling beer, we walked about 6 blocks (that’s a few hundred yards to you and us) in two different directions based on tip-offs of where we could buy beer, eventually Bernice goes back to the pizza shop to pick up the pizza and Huw follows a local couple who overheard our plight and are on that very errand themselves.

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