A days shore leave

So we weren´t woken in the night as Beatriz did her stuff, we wake of our own accord around 0830 and even Richard isn’t up yet. Puzzled we check the hurricane weather site and find we should be in the eye of the storm right now….but there´s not a breath of wind! Nothing! Nada!


Coming to terms with the no show of Beatriz we have breakfast and attempt at a plan for the day. Having expected to be fending off the storm we had no plans. Richard suggests some boat jobs but actually we just want some down time, the events leading up to this moment have been pretty nervvy. We negotiate this along with getting the laundry done and we all head ashore to the village across the lagoon. Richard has to visit the port captain to clear in and so we leave him on the dock side and make our way to the laundrette to offload the big bag we’re carrying. Then we have a mooch about town.

The laundry is going to take 3 or 4 hours so more than enough time to take in the town. We find an ATM even though our map says there isn’t one and Bernice buys some new flip flops as her handmade sandals have broken at one of the toe pieces 🙁

We also lunch in a nice cafe and get a meat fix, a beer and some wifi.
Returning to the marina by water taxi we are still astounded at the lack of any storm considering the forecasts and at the total blasé attitude of the locals like they never expected anything anyway and have all opened up shop today just as they expected to. Richard has gained an update on Beatriz and now the national hurricane centre has totally changed it’s tack and moved the path of the storm way off the coast as if it had never been predicted to come here in the first place. Dumbfounded!!!

We head back out, up to the hotel to buy more WiFi access, see who’s on skype, get some admin done and upload some blog entries. Can we just say at this point, WiFi here is no better than anywhere else!! In fact it´s pretty sketchy!

We struggle for chat and for bandwidth to upload blog entries, so much so they give us a free days worth of internet. Just don´t charge if you haven´t got a stable service!

Dinner back on board and a plan for another movie but it doesn´t materialise as Richard dissappears off to bed and by the time we realise we´re a bit past it!

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