A full house

So today all the dithering and supposing comes together and we finally commit. We book a car hire for next Tuesday for 45 days, yes 45 days. We figure a car and camping costs will be way cheaper than hostels/hotels and it takes the pressure off, allows us to see the country and plan in advance easier when we want to find a couch to surf. The road trip is on!!

We´ve also tentatively organised with all the troops in BC to see them and now we just have to get there :-). Then onto Colorado where we have Karyn, Andrew, Ben and Max to see as well as Tim and Nick who we met on the Macchu picchu trek. So what with visiting friends and canyon trekking we have a lot to fit in and in the end 45 days will probably not be enough.

While the planning is underway, we get some laundry done and also cook a chilli with Molly´s help while Angie goes to the Airport with Ben to pick up Matthew (Dan´s brother), Emma and James. We have another great evening with everyone catching up, and they do an impressive job getting over their jet-lag.

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