A possible change of plans on the cards?!?

Still struggling we make a further traipse around the agencies, more questions, more comparisons, and finding out what availability and group sizes are on offer. We might have to delay a day or so if the food poisoning doesn´t skedaddle!

We also limp round some camera shops to see if we can find yet another replacement compact camera – for the stolen one that replaced the broken one!! Thinking fresh air has got to be better than lying in bed in the hostel for sure. Anyway, we also had to find a printers to get copies of our claim form printed. Good old insurers, sent us an acrobat form we can´t just fill in and email them back! It appeared at 1st that it wasn´t going to allow us to print it either, but we got there in the end!

We also walk to San Blas, a slightly elevated area of town behind our hostel, there´s a great view from here and quite a few nice looking eateries, but food is the last thing we want, in fact we settle for bread and cheese for dinner! The 1st food for Bernice since Sunday evening!

A message from Tom and Natalie (from Wasi Masi and La Paz) alerts us that they are in town and we tentatively arrange to meet them in a bar off the main plaza. As it turns out we do make the effort to go, Bernice still a bit peeky, but as luck would have it it´s shut Tuesdays, so that was enough of an omen to tell us another early night was in order.

Well sort of…. We were looking at Crewseekers earlier in the day today and came across an ad asking for crew to help with a delivery to Vancouver from Panama. Well feeling sorry for ourselves and keen to have something to look forward to, some new adventure, we emailed the skipper our details and extend our interest. He now wants to chat, so we try Skype when we get back to the hostel. As usual internet connectivity is very slow and this ends up being a text chat rather than a live chat.

An interesting proposition! The delivery skipper, Richard, lives and works in the Caribbean and goes all over the place delivering yachts of all shapes and sizes to required destinations by the (usually new) owners. This is quite common practice. For instance you buy a boat in the Caribbean and you live in Canada, you don´t want to ship it there and equally you haven´t the time or the inclination to sail it there. You hire a delivery skipper such as Richard. A usual scenario is Brits buying in Gibraltar or the Med and wanting it delivered back to the UK, or they´ve sailed across the Atlantic in the ARC but don´t have time or again, the inclination to sail it back.

We all agree to try again tomorrow and see if the connection is better … allowing us to sleep on the implications of agreeing to this as a next step after the Inca Trail.

One thought on “A possible change of plans on the cards?!?

  1. Hi ya,

    That sounds very interesting. Looking forward to hearing the outcome ….It sounds as if Keith has the same bug as Bernice sickness n diarrhoea. I hope she feels better soon. My Mum has just left to go home she came down for take that concert and is looking absolutely fantastic. Anyway all is well here (apart from keith being poorly kids are well and full of life. Lucy goes to school for a half day on Monday. Keith and I go to wimbledon on Tuesday court 1 should be fun. thinking off you both lots hugs xx

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