A Rocky day out

The plan today is to go for a hike in an area known as Estes National Park. We have a few options and when we finally leave the house, around 0940, we are busy trying to decide in the car which route to do when Ben urgently needs the toilet. He got up at 0600 this morning in a panic for the toilet and had a bit of an upset tummy yesterday so it is worrying that it really is urgent. Karyn pulls over and realises she’s stopped in a Saddlery where they are kind enough to let her use the toilet. Max is not best pleased at having to give Ben his shorts (there’s no change of clothes for Ben in the car) and wear his spares as they are the only ones that will fit Ben. It’s either that or we turn around… It is considered but ruled out, for now.

When we finally get parked at Bear Lake we walk a forest path that takes us past three different lakes. Which is really pretty. Although it’s nearly only one as Ben has another accident and doesn’t want to go any further. That is until ambushes are mentioned – or sneak attacks, as he calls them – this is what got him up a huge mountain 18 months ago in NZ. Suddenly he’s excited and after a lunch stop at the 1st lake we crack on up the trail.

What we can’t get over how afraid both boys appear to be of every moving thing that isn’t human – ducks, birds, squirrels, chipmunks. Man-up guys!

Max spends most of the walk up in the papoose which is pretty heavy! Well done Karyn! The trail is really really busy but to be expected as it’s really accessible to children, it’s a bank holiday weekend and we’re not far from civilisation.

On the way back down Ben is needing the toilet again, Huw manages to keep his mind off it by running ahead down the trail with him. Max isn’t so lucky though and we have a wee accident with him. By the time we get back to the car both boys are commando.

There’s a nice surprise at the bottom by way of a young elk, it’s just wandering around at the edge of the parking area munching on everything it can find and oblivious to all the onlookers.

The journey back home is pretty exciting as the boys are looking forward to going to the swimming pool. Like Angie and Dan, Karyn and Andrew have access to an outdoor pool in their neighbourhood.

It’s a quick turn around at home as swimmers are donned and dinner is decanted into the cooler for a BBQ when we get there. The pool closes at 2000 but we manage a good two hours of fun. Some of the neighbours are there too, Manuela and Greg with their three children and Kelly and Ralph(?) with there two. So plenty pint-size entertainers to keep the boys occupied in the pool. Max is a hoot – he insists on a lifevest, rubber ring and goggles before jumping in!

Back at home Ben wants to do more on his homework poster – stalling for time we thinks, avoiding beddy-byes!!

We watch a wee bit of a Star Wars film (not that they’re obsessed or anything) then it is time for sleep!

The adults don’t last much past the lads today. Everyone is exhausted!!!

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