Abandon ship

Sat 6th – We wake up on Skyelark and make most of being ashore and being able to go for a walk, so we check for post, but nada, so we decide to go back to anchorage mid afternoon. Come dinner time the swedes are asleep and we decide to crack on and prepare dinner. There’s chicken but we’re unsure what to do with it. The conversation that then occurs is very disturbing. Ozzie proceeds to have a go at us for thinking that we can just use all HIS provisions. Since our arrival we’ve spend quite a bit on shopping and seen no money from him or the others as yet so pretty ironic really. It’s a bit petty and uncomfortable all round but it highlights to us what we’ve been trying to ignore for a while now. There’s no trust there and he is so inconsistent in his attitude that there’s no way to know where you stand. It’s an early night!
Sunday 7th – We get up to do exercise on deck, but last nights discussion with Ozzie is still playing on our mind. We have a chat on deck and decide to have a further chat to Ozzie see where he stands today but the inevitable outcome prevails and we decide that leaving Executive is prob the right thing to do. Decision made. We’re off the boat and back at Skyelark by early afternoon…. Have we made right choice, who can say?? but for us this trip is not about getting from A to B regardless of means. We want to enjoy the experiences that make up the journey. So ditching on three weeks at sea with someone we don’t feel comfortable with it is a no-brainer!

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