Bed without dinner

0700 start to get to rangers office and enter the lottery in order to get permits to go into the hills. We leave all our tent and stuff in situ while we go into town. When we get there there’s about a dozen people also waiting. There’s quite a bit of debate about which areas each group want a permit for. There are about 6/7 permit areas but most people seem to want the same 3/4 areas. In the end a few of us agree that if we get picked we’ll put the max of 8 down and then take some others on that permit too.

Luck was with us and we get picked and we added three others to our permit – Todd, Andrea, and David. We make a plan as to where we’ll make camp, that’s the important bit, then we can make our own way up in our own time.

By the time we get our provisions sorted, packed for the hike and drive to the trailhead, it’s close to 1400. We have quite a hike to do today too! We’ve opted for the shortest but steepest walk in. A climb of 4,400ft over about 4 mile.

By 1730 we are only just at the bottom of the really steep section and we end up getting to the camp just after dark. With the last thirty going down a slippery snow bank. Yes snow, in August! In daylight probably doable, with a pack on our backs maybe… in the dark with packs on our back just carnage!! Conny and Rowan were a wee bit in front and Conny comes back to relieve Bernice of her bag. It helps a little.

At the camp Todd and Andrea are busy tying their food up in a tree (you need to do this to stop the wild goats and chipmunks stealing it in the night, luckily there’s no bears here). They arrived about an hour ago. David has gone to bed, into his sleeping bag to keep warm. It is a little after 9pm. Not sure what he’s done for dinner – we’d agreed to cook for him cause he hadn’t brought a stove, he was initially only planning to do a day hike but then decided he’d come up for the two days the rest of us.

By the time we have the tents up and have food it’s way after 11pm. All really tired and worn out we crash almost the instant we get in our tents.

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