Blade Runner

Realising Couchsurfing (CS) is successful through the mutuality of leaving people references on their profile and realising it’s something we´re short on, we get writing references on the guys we met last night and have a dig around see if there are any of you lot out there who are on CSing and willing to fess it up.

Then it´s brunch time just along from the hostel at the “5c Diner” (actually pronounced Nickel Diner not Five Cents Diner as Huw starting calling it, how stupid of us!) It´s really good and almost a normal brekkie of scrambled eggs, we even have our 1st sighting of the local plod sitting having their brunch too… why do we not see cops eating out in cafes and restaurants back home?

Oh, did we say? The artist we wrote to, admiring her work, emailed us back and invited us to an opening she´s in this evening. It’s a group exhibition over in the Beverly neighbourhood. We are up for this and think a metro (tube) and a bus will get us there laters.

Our aim today is to take in the wider area, go find the Central Market, there´s an old vernacular worth a look, and a very futuristic looking Disney Concert Hall as well as MoCA, the main contemporary art gallery in town. We had heard about a historical building in town that was famous for being in “Blade Runner” but forgot to look up where it was. Funny thing is we stumbled across it quite by accident. We visited a little photo gallery and got chatting to the photographer and as we left he directed us through it to get to the market, It´s called the Bradbury Building and it is home LA Internal Affairs.

Before and after we had gone round MoCA we spent some time outside shooting playful videos with the architecture – generally having fun with our new camera. Then back to the hostel for some internet time and a snooze before getting ready to go see Melissa and her show.

With all our research it´s looking like a car hire is going to be our best option in the end if we want to see anything off the beaten track while here in the US of A. The question is what do we want to see, and how long do we need a car to do it with…

Meeting Melissa and Fred at her group show was really lovely; we also got talking to a sculptor, Sue and her friend Nikita and had a great evening. So much so we lost track of time and the fact that we hadn´t had any dinner. Oops! LA Café it is when we finally get back to Downtown – its open 24/7 thankfully!

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