Breaking News: Scottish Sub found in Valdiva!

We quickly get going this morning, a) because some obnoxious Americans are at brekkie and b) the communal area still stinks of cigarettes!

A quick skype home to say hi to Huw´s mum after her hand op, then pack and get outa here, buses run every 40 or so minutes to where we´re headed next – Valdiva – we just picked a place a little way up the country but not too far so we could come back to Puerto Montt is need be to meet Sarah if she´s lucky enough to pick up our post.
It sounds like a nice place and the hostel sounds good too. This one we´re leaving is also nice (Margouya), but we´re disappointed about the smoking in the communal area especially as our room opens right onto it so there´s no getting away from it, but as we said a while back we´ve been really lucky in terms of smoking indoors as there is no real policy banning it in public places yet and so it could have been everywhere all of the time and it´s not!

The bus trip is really short – only 3 or so hours and we arrive in Valdiva in time to drop our bags off at the hostel (AiresBuenos) and wander around town, check it out! As we´re doing so we can´t believe our eyes on two accounts – one, there´s a sub docked in the river estuary and they´re doing tours, the last one is just about to start so madly we join it and get so see the inside of the sub, it was made on the Clyde we learn, check out the photos, lol!, two – there are huge (and we mean HUGE) fat sea lions also in the river by the fish market, where they apparently hang out all day waiting on scraps!!! Mad!

After our little gander round town and a wee beer in the sun we buy supplies to cook some nice dinner back at the hostel and then have an early night, nice….

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