Bye bye wee birdy …

As soon as its first light the big bird flies off without a bye or leave! It must have been sat there a good 7-8 hours, that’s a distance or around 40nm. How does it not get lost?!

Huw gets up pretty early as he can’t sleep. Which confuses Bernice and she ends up rushing upstairs at 0910 thinking she’s late for her watch, she has indeed 3 more hours rest. Doh! All the while Huw has just been Chatting to Richard. The wee bird won’t take any water and is deteriorating quite fast. We think he’s come to visit us for a quiet place to die. Awh! In fact by 1030 he’s pushing up daisies and we have to bury him at sea. Bye bye wee birdy RIP šŸ™

Most of the day is stifling hot again and the sea grows calmer and calmer. There’s very little wildlife about in the heat of the day, although as the sun goes down not one but two pairs of turtles come past busy getting it on. Obviously a nice night for it!

Richard has another go at the port engine and the consensus seems to be that they have it fixed but realise at under 2000revs it’s ok but at 2200revs it continues to die. Hhmm.

We make a new plan. To stop in at Acapulco tomorrow to re-fuel and then drive hard up the coast to Manzanilla as the weather is becalmed all around us and not ready to change anytime soon. With one engine running slow and the mileage we still have to do, Manzanilla would be a stretch. This way we’ll probably get there quicker than if we just carried on straight there.

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