Chequerboard Mesa

Todays plan is to have lazy one. That’s why we wanted bread last night so there was no rush this morning for brekkie. In fact although we can’t really have a lie in – the cement works next door, yes really right by the park, and the need for the loo soon gets us up – we are on a go slow.

Brekkie today is bacon and eggs. Excited by this we both get on the case preparing when from no where tons of wasps turn up!! We have to re-assign tasks, one of us cooking, one of us fending off the wasps. It gets so ridiculous that we resort to eating in the car.

It draws some looks from fellow campers but we have a waspless bacon and egg roll! Wifi soon wriggles into the day and some blog writing and photo-sorting takes place. Huw reckons we have over 6,000 unsorted photo’s. Ouch!

When we’re in need of a break and it gets too hot in the campsite we set off on our drive through the park. We saw some great views on the way in on Saturday and want to go back and take some photo’s, especially of a hill called “chequerboard mesa” which is …slickrock….cross-striped in colour… and really hard to describe, you’ll have to wait on the photo’s.

Back from the photo shoot, we do another stint on wifi before it’s cool enough to shower. There’s a covered picnic table area where the wifi is better than at our tent, and there’s power there where we can charge camera batteries, phones and the laptop so it’s a preferable place to sit. Except today it’s been invaded by the Greys and they have covered nearly all of the tables with clothes. They’ve been having a daily get-together for a few days now but it’s usually near someones RV.

This space is for everyone and they are not exactly wanting to share it. Bernice plonks herself on the end where the power supply is anyway and decides to take them on if she has to. Luckily it’s shower time before they are all there and there’s only a few rogue comments like “they’re sitting at our table”, and from a couple who’d just arrived “they’ve stuck us down in the corner with the foreigners” … like we can’t hear or understand them!!!

The sad thing is if a group of younger people were to behave in the same way, they’d never shut up about it.

Showers done we walk through the village to meet Jere and Barbara at the Switchback restaurant. We have a lovely meal with them and swap stories and photo’s from yesterday. A great way to end the day.

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