Today we decide on mainly relaxing. We think the size of this town, there’s bound to be ample choice in compact cameras and we are on the lookout for a Mexican or Baja guide book, need to start making a plan on what/where next….

We don’t have any luck on either front. We find some cameras but the selection is poor and quite out of date. As for books, we can’t even find a Spanish bookstore nevermind one selling English books!!!

We go back to the dive shop and agree on another dive for tomorrow we were going to go on a whole day excursion with them to a neighbouring bay but the cost and time sat in a car to get there and back put us off. At our level, another couple of local dives is fine, and the cost is only $25 on top of our 1st one yesterday.

Carrying on the day as we started, we have pizza delivered for our dinner.

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