Commit! Commit! Commit!

This morning we meet Paul and Phil at 11, and go to Travel Tracks, to have Aly explain to the guys the options for climbing Huayna Potosi (6088). We all agree the here day option was the best which would allow us to acclimatise at height whilst also having a go at vertical ice climbing. Names are confirmed and deposit taken. Monday we plan to start, that way Huw and the boys can get the death road cycle done tomorrow.

So inevitably that’s the next job – checking out cycle agency options. Aly suggested going to Travel Tracks other office that deals with cycling as a further discount could be had, but more off road was wanted, or to be exact all off road was required. After a few visits to various agencies one was picked and after lunch a decision was made. Lunch was more successful today; it was in the juice bar just across the road from Travel Tracks and as it happened, next door to the cycle agency picked – “Pro Downhill”.

Decisions made, plans in action we all parted company to buy altitude tablets and get organised for the coming days. We had to meet up again at 1830 to go pay the balance on the mountain hike. We had let Tom and Natalie know about our rendezvous but we never saw them. It was a bit hectic though. As a reward for a day of decision making we headed for a wee local eatery for a bowl of chilli. The place was great, the wee man waiting on; probably the owner was really amusing and kept us entertained, which we necessary as we waited quite a while for our food. Funny though!

Our evening came to a very satisfying finish as we visited The Blue Note for one more “té con té”.

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