Decisions, decisions, decisions….

So who thought that an 0830 lesson was good idea?!
We don’t even have time for brekkie. So we rely on the hostel – Roxanna offers us some nice coffee, hot rolls and jam. Having only been here a day it’s hard to judge but the girls are cleaning again: the patio area, the kitchen, the communal bathrooms, the bedrooms even – this isn´t something we´ve been used to. El Punto in La Serena was clean and the rooms thoroughly cleaned between guests but cleaning rooms while they´re occupied is a new experience and actually quite nice. We are moving rooms today, not because Dan snores very loudly, although he does :-), but because the option for a double on suite room is available for an extra 1GBP per night. Why would we turn that down?

Ideally we would like to find an apartment here as we plan to stay a while, like we did in Valparaiso and Buenos Aires but after our 2nd Spanish lesson a quick trawl on the internet clearly shows that it isn’t looking likely… That said our room here is costing us less that 10GBP per night, even if there were any options we´d probably be hard pushed to find much cheaper.

We go for a walk around town and check out some language schools, we figure they are all going to be a little more expensive than Isaac and if we stay in Wasi Masi for the duration, taking lessons with him makes sense as he comes to the hostel. The schools we spoke to also agreed we should do lessons together…so it’s a straight choice, but how to decide…cheaper and more convenient versus a school and more social learning.

It is a no brainer isn´t it? To decide to stick with Isaac, stay at the hostel, it’s really nice, clean and friendly and we won’t be isolated as we might be if we find an apartment. Yes, we will stay! Assuming Roxanna has space.

We try a different restaurant for dinner – Locot´s – it claims to be Mexican, its ok, the beer is cheaper than last night but the portions are really skimpy for the price. Hopefully we´ll have time over the next few days to find some none touristy options and eat more local food at more local prices…

What’s really noticeable here is the number of old people, mostly in traditional dress, roaming the streets or sat outside on steps, begging. Contrast that with kids in the plaza shoe-shining and begging too…. It gives you a little idea of the poverty that surrounds us. Its quite shocking, heart-wrenching, but what can you do?

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