Diving with Cormorants

A morning chillaxing, wishing Bernice’s brov Paul a happy big birthday and reminding ourselves of some basics on the diving, we head down to the dive shop, Bernice a little nervous.

We arranged it so it was just the two of us, take the pressure off in case Bernice has trouble getting started.

Jonatan is great, he’s well warned at how nervous Bernice is and what the last/first experience was like and that this dive will decide whether or not she does any more. A little panic tries to overthrow events, but patience and just breathing with her head in the water helps calm the potential show-stopper. Once this is mastered we attempt a very very slow descent and much to everyones relief all goes well.

We have a great dive. There’s lots of marine life right under our noses and other than it being a tad colder than our previous dives we really enjoy it. The visibility on the 2nd one isn’t as good, but still good enough for us all to see a cormorant swimming quite happily near us. We thought they just dived in the water, snatched a fish and left again, but this one (Huw saw one on the 1st dive but the rest of us missed it) is swimming about quite happily having a look around. At first it looks like a turtle, then you realise it’s a bird. Bizarrely.

a beer back at the dive shop to celebrate and then we return to our hostel (Cabo Inn Hotel) for a shower and head out to a nearby family restaurant for dinner. “Tres Gallos”, is where we ate brekkie this morning and the owner is really friendly and proud to tell us his menu is authentic Mexican and not texmex! We came back tonight to try it out, especially intriguing is the chicken in chocolate sauce, it’s got to be sampled. Hhmm mmm. A perfect end to a perfect day.

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