Epic Fail II

Finally today, our last day in Cusco, Peru even … we manage to eat in Jacks café along with Tom and Nat. The coffee is good, it can be confirmed, but otherwise we are not sure what all the fuss is about.

After which we all head back to the hostel for a day of admin. As usual we have blog writing and photo sorting to crack on with and a few emails to send to all the troops we know in BC, tell them we´re on our way and they should take the necessary precautions 🙂

Nat has research to do, for volunteer work she plans to do in Columbia, and Tom volunteers to cook dinner … nice 🙂 We contribute with chocolate cake which goes down well. Then we all head out for the quiz. Nice last night! All eight of us that discussed the quiz last night turn up so we go from being one of the smallest teams to being one of the biggest. Which could be embarrassing if we now lose badly … but hurrah, we don´t, indeed we do retain our title and the bottle of wine goes down a treat, so do the shots after it and then the others we have back in Paddy´s (as The Real McCoy closes around us) and it gets a bit messy as Tim introduces us to the “Irish Car Bomb”!!. So much so that Bernice has a relapse as her stomach objects profusely and she spends half the night being ill again. Ouch! We blame it on the chocolate cake obviously as it was one of the things Nigel said to avoid for 2 weeks!!

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