Fat, Gristle and Bone!

So as you can imagine, we were up late today. Not a complete right off, in time for lunch. And by then we´d spoke to both Kenny and John on Skype, so not too bad. We found the 2nd half of the Scotland rugby game on TV and obviously had to watch that though it was a bit of a let-down, well if you´re Scottish.

The plan today is low key – to go back up to the square and check out the market. We are on the lookout for a sleeve for out laptop, the bubble-wrap bag we had was thrown out by the cleaner in our last hostel. Also Bernice has her eye on a multi-way wrap skirt but has been waiting on Fi for help on choosing one. It´s a semi-successful mission as we can´t decide on which sleeve to get, but Bernice decides on a skirt. We wander across the railway lines to the neighbouring district of Hollywood Palermo, named such as its where all the TV and radio stations are –so we read. There´s lots more bars, clubs and restaurants here. We seek out “Bangalore” the bar we were originally meant to meet Rocco in, it’s a colonial Indian decked out bar cum restaurant. But we have in mind to eat at a “Tenedor Libre” as recommended by Adam, this is a “eat as much as you like BBQ meat house. The one we opt for seems cheap and cheerful and full of locals so we´re convinced it´ll be good. Uh! Uh! We get served in stages and it seems to be all the poor cuts of meat 1st, and lots of it. So you´re full by the time you´re due the nice steak – good ploy as they won´t let us have a doggie bag of courses not yet served…. We have to give up in the end with three courses still to go. So the meat so far wasn´t that great so we weren´t thinking it through, we should have let them bring it all out then asked, as it was we just got the final selection wrapped to go.

Then we headed back to the Abierto Bar for more carajillo, as a night cap and to aid digestion – much needed!! Then we got a text from Ildi and Andrew to say they were on the way so we sat tight, shopping at our side. It was another interesting evening. We even had entertainment by way of a gang of pick-pockets (we think) being rumbled by the bar staff and one being captured while the rest ran off. He made quite a fuss and at one point 8-10 kitchen and bar staff were sitting on him splayed out on the floor while they waited on the police to arrive.

Bernice got talking to a few locals and they explained that it wasn´t usual and in fact everyone was shocked and frightened – a lot of people did leave… Oops! As it all calmed down we made a plan around 0430 to go to a nightclub, Kiki, we´d passed earlier. Huw and I went off round to the apartment to drop off the shopping and for him to put his jeans on. He was close to his “switching off” point, not quite there but close enough to slip on the stairs on the way back out. Ouch! Big bruises on the way! We re-join Fi who stayed with Ildi and Andrew and decide to call it a night, give her a key and head home. She has a great time, albeit the club is heaving and she feels like a sardine for a while (bear in mid it´s 5am when she arrives). They think they only get in cause they befriended some local rugby lads who convinced the doormen they should let the tourists in. Or maybe the rugby lads only got in cause they were with some tourists. Anybody´s guess. Fi crawls back to bed about 0845, just a wee bit tired zzzzzz

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