Gran Canaria, just as we know it

So Puerto Mogan did indeed have a pension and not too far from town either. Pension Eva if you’re ever this way, €20 the night, sea view on the terrace – oops forgot to take the photo!
Had an evening re-acquainting ourselves with the town (little Venice to the locals) and today’s (Friday) been quite relaxing.

Bernice got replacement sandals and after a few hours with wifi (pronouced whifffeee here) we’ve kinda got the blog up-to-date. There was obviously a bit of beach time too, then off to Playa del Cura (a few coves round) to meet Siobhian, a friend from when we lived here before – she’s in a state of chaos having a new room added to her apartment but heh ho, it’ll all be grand :0)….

It’s now just before 7am the next day and the builders have returned (her friends) to finish off installing her kitchen and electrics. They couldn’t do more yesterday as they had to let the floor tiles set! Hopefully she’ll get the place back in order before her folks turn up later today – that said she’s got work in an hour, the only thing we can think of worse than having to go to work this morning (we all sat up chatting till the wee small hours catching up) is getting up to do the OMM! Good luck guys!!! :0)
So the plan today is… hhmmm…. there is no plan other than get the car back to Pedro Texaco (yes he really does seem to have the same name as the fuel!!!) in the marina at Las Palmas by 4ish.
Arriving back mid-morning we catch up with the lads on Skyelark, well actually we might be guilty of waking them up oops! Then we set off to get some laundry done before moving onto our new boat. It seems sensible too to go buy some provisioning before we return the car.

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