Half a bull anyone?

Apparently there’s a great farmers Market in the nearby town of Eugene, that we should really check out this morning before heading onwards to Portland, so guess we’ll do that. It’s looking about a 2 hour drive from here so not too tough a day in the car today, fingers crossed.

The market when we find it is more craft than farmers but worth a look anyhow. A bit of a posh glasto market really. At the food area there is a stall selling pasties. It doesn’t claim to have any Cornish connections but it is using the Cornish flag in its brand name. As for the pasties, they are very small and look like what we know and love as empanadas. They are also expensive – $4 for a pasty less than half the size we’re used to back home. Needless to say we don’t try any.

We arrived in Portland around 2pm and Carolyn meets us outside her studio flat. We are lucky people. Here was a lady we met only briefly in San Diego a few weeks ago who is giving us the keys to her place just because it is empty (she’s in the process of getting rid of it) and she can! She also invites us round to her new place to have dinner with her and Becca. How lovely.

We get settled in, have the much needed shower we’ve been after and go to another craft fair Carolyn recommended before heading over to her place. She bought 1/2 a bull a few weeks ago from an organic farm and so we have burgers from that. Like anyone back home has freezer room for half a cow!!! But it is nice. They also offer for us to bring around our laundry to wash. It just gets better. We have a great evening, touching on politics and trying as we might to understand the American on the street so to speak and what they think is right and wrong with how their system works.

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