Hotel California

An hour or so bus journey to Todos Santos today, our next stop, on a road that is mostly sand, beats mud right! It is described as quite a small town with a famous hotel in it – not one we can afford to stay in mind but one worth seeing we’re guessing. The town is also known for it’s artist community and lots of local craft workshops, so definitely worth a stopover.

All along the roadside there are lots of giant cacti, but not much else. When we arrive we head for the nearest likely looking hostel/hotel and after checking a room out agree to stay.

It’s about 1500 and so we go for a walk to check out the town. “Hotel California” is just around the corner, apparently recently refurbished, but really not much to look at from the outside.

The town is pretty and quiet, apart from a wedding going on at the Hotel there’s not much happening. We guess they’re milking the infamy all they can. It doesn’t take us long to check out the town. This involves a jewellery store trying to give us a bargain, a craft shop who gives us each a free wooden turtle with a wobbly head, some Wi-Fi time in a bar at the end of the High St and finally a tequila store who feeds us a load of free shots.

We return to our room to freshen up and go back out for dinner, a little side tracked by a movie, it’s just before 2100 by the time we get back out. Not late by anybody’s watch, especially on a Saturday evening, but we find nearly the whole town is shut. No restaurants open, what’s it all about?!

We have to settle for some tacos from a dubious looking shack named “Tacos de Cabeza”….

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