Hurrah for Google Maps!

With the power of Google maps we are able to input our destination, allow it to know our current location and low and behold we are given step by step instructions on where to walk to get the 1st bus, how long to stay on it, where to get off, where to walk for the 2nd bus, how long that journey will take and then where to catch the train, and get off it again. It’s all then available off line and you even get a price for the journey. Not only that, it’s pretty accurate too! Shock horror!

At the train station we have a chat with a nice couple who give us some tips about LA and places to visit in California. Although it’s evident they don’t use public transport very often by their insistence that we avoid the buses in LA at all costs – you know when they release prisoners they give them a bus ticket and they get on and ride round town all day!!!!

It’s 1430 when arrive at the hostel, it’s great. It had really mixed reviews and we nearly didn’t go for it. On the one hand they say it´s really clean and modern, but on the other it is in a really dangerous area and advise not to go out at night!!!! We did intend to book into the USA hostel as we liked in San Diego one so much but it was full.

The area (Downtown) is a bit edgy but really cool. Feels a little like Shoreditch back in London. Busy with characters hanging around everywhere and quirky one off shops and galleries dotted about. We ask reception about how safe it is, trying not to sound too naive but quoting reviews we´ve read. She’s very up front and tells us that everywhere is fine in the day, harmless is how she puts it, but at night its best we avoid going any further east – i.e. the Skid Row area. Fine, we can relax and enjoy.

We pop into a few galleries, all relatively new it turns out. The 1st one, along the street form the hostel is Gallery Courteza, from whom we learn there was an Art Walk event last week which involved a whole heap of people, late opening, street performance and food as well as loads of pop up art. A monthly event, shame 🙁

We are furnished with a map of the walk route anyway so we know are able to find the galleries, and have “The Last Bookshop” also recommended to us. Not only does it have books in it, but art as well.

Across from the bookshop is the appropriately named “Down and Out” bar which we hit next, then finish the day with an evening at a nearby noodle bar and take a night cap bottle of wine back to our room.

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  1. And to think we make do with a cup of tea for a nightcap! Perhaps we should start travelling.

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