In the wilderness for the next 10 days

Today we left Panama City and travelled by bus over to the the Caribbean coast, where we joined Bob & Elaine on Pipistrelle near Isla Grande. We will be spending the next 10 days or so cruising the San Blas Islands. This is lovely but very remote semi-autonomuos area of Panama, which means we there will not be very many (i.e. probably none) posts from us for a while….but then you must be getting used to the long gaps between updates 😉

Also, we are experimenting for a new service that allows you to subscribe to email notifications whenever we update the site which should take the guesswork out of knowing when we have posted anything new … check out the “Subscribe2” link on the righthand side of any page, hopefully it works.

3 thoughts on “In the wilderness for the next 10 days

  1. Still keeping up with you guys… well, trying: you are getting about a bit, aren’t you!
    Have fun and keep safe. Have a happy, prosperous and peaceful new year too.

    Allen and Linda

  2. Hi Guys

    Sounds like you are having fun. We’ve not kept up to date with your exploits as much as we’d hoped. Anyway subscribed to your update service so hopefully that will help. Hope you are both well and enjoying yourself. We missed seeing you in the UK, but with the weather, Dan’s tough arrival and the stinking colds we all got, not sure we would have made it down anyway.

    Love and hugs to you both, take care Happy 2011

    The Waddington Zoo

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