Is it really only two days till xmas??!

OMG! It’s hard to comprehend that xmas really is just round the corner. Can we just say happy xmas to everyone and we miss you all loads. Take care and have a good one!
We’re currently sat in a nice beach cafe in Rodney bay, having been for our walk on pigeon island – a place on the northern tip of the island (just the other side of the bay) that’s steeped in the history of where St Lucia is today. It seems like just a tug of war between France and the UK all the way. Till we granted it independence in 1979.  It’s our last day this side of the island. What’s hard to get is that all the tourists here – Brits, US etc … nearly all flew in for a xmas holiday and haven’t sailed all the way down like we did. Look at us in our little bubble!
We got approached by yet another local, just outside the nature reserve. Claiming to be psychic. He pretended to read our palms with comedy effect and gave us some magic beads, then demanded some cash :0). Some people certainly would find this threatening but in perspective you have to see how poor these guys are. A lot of damage was done by hurricane Thomas in late October. They’re still picking up the pieces. Then there’s the weed. It’s free flowing over here and this old boy wasn’t immune. Five minutes later, after we’d had a beer he starts his routine again. We’re like – you just spoke to us. He had no clue. Funny though he was, it’s sad too.  We hope we don’t sound patronising, it’s not how we mean to be.
Earlier in the day, as we’d managed to acquire a box yesterday, we packed and posted our unwanted gear home. Let’s see (a) if it gets there and (b) how long it takes….
This is a result and means we are easily down to just a rucsac each.
After lots of soaking up the sun and internet time in the cafe we headed back to the mall and bought some supplies for dinner – hot cooked Cajun chicken, salad, bread and beer. What more could we ask for. Then a nice chilled evening back at the hotel for us.
On the way back the road was flooded – high sea water – the sea is about 300m away!!! Only one thing for it, wade across. Then a good foot scrub when we got in, just to be safe.

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