Jackflop disaster!!

Late up, well not really – 0815. The wind is good today and we’re in for some more later if the forecast is right.

Huw makes some flapjacks, this time using dried dates as the bananas are all gone. But disaster strikes as the oven is in a world of it’s own at times and although he thought he had it on it’s lowest heat, it either wasn’t or it turned itself up. Either way they come out right royally burnt! He manages to rescue some by slicing through the middle to remove the burnt parts and we devour it for elevenses.

We gybe the sails over just before lunch. But not long after the wind shifts further and we move to a beam reach. We’re now flying at around 10 knots. Looks like we might have finally found the trade winds. Just need to decide if we need the pole out still or whether we think we’ll be on this point of sail for a while, certainly over night anyway, we don’t want to be out on deck in the dark doing it!!

As we write this a decision is made to bring the pole in and hoist the little tri-sail again. It’s always amazing to hear how quick the weather can change and catch people out. Hoping it never happens to you….

Paul was looking after the helm while the rest of us (life-jacketed and clipped on) go up front and get to work, just a precaution as the waves are building. A precaution that paid off as the waves continued to build and Will got pretty wet. We all got back inside the cockpit just as it got to the point where we all looked and said “glad we’re not going to do that job now”

The next 40-60 mins were pretty bouncy. Big waves, strong winds and gusting. Then it eased off for a bit just as quickly as it set upon us. Which was genius timing really as it was nearing dinner time and the gas ran out, typical!!!! Adam and Paul sorted the gas out and dinner of Chris’s per-prepared chicken curry went down a treat. Cheers Chris (goes without saying Paul is currently “mother”), just what was required with today’s mixed up weather! :0)

After dinner we have a snooze, ready for our 12-3am shift. Not a lot to report. Still squalls coming through, some with rain, some without. Adam saw a couple of ARC boats we’d heard on the radio earlier, off on the horizon on his watch, and a tanker bound for Norway. He also heard another yacht on the radio saying his navigation lights were out! Ouch! He didn’t give a position, which would have been helpful.

4 thoughts on “Jackflop disaster!!

  1. Just a quick e-mail in lieu of a Christmas card.

    Happy Christmas to you both.

    From James and Sue

  2. Awaiting the next installment. Enjoying the day by day account – giving us a concept of life on the open sea!

  3. Hey James & Sue

    Hope you are both well. Thanks very much for the card 😉 Have a great Chrimbo

    loves Huw & Bernice xx

  4. Mum & Dad

    Next installment + photos coming soon … as soon as we’ve replied to the comments 😉


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