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Santiago here we come. Though not as early as we hoped πŸ˜• a bit of a slow start. Packing and organising ourselves this morning took a tad longer…. Oh well not to worry, we have a list of missions to accomplish when we arrive and after 2 hours on the bus it’s about 230pm by the time onward bus tickets are purchased and our rucsacs are deposited in left luggage for the day. Not too bad.

1st mission – the post office – success!! We have finally caught up with each other, the package is here, although once we bought bus tickets for tonight we did wonder what we’d do if the parcel wasn’t here yet. Have faith that’s what we kept repeating on the way….
We accomplished pretty much everything on our list, including tracking down TiGi hair products (that’s for both of us, not just Bernice!!) which unfortunately they stung us hard for.

Back at the bus station (we were booked on the 1030pm bus due to arrive in La Serena around 530am) we had some dinner and only had about 40 mins sitting waiting for the bus in the end. Perfect timing.
In case we haven’t said, mostly we get overnight buses so we have a nights accommodation thrown in!!

2 thoughts on “Lista de Correros

  1. Hi,
    Just stumbled upon your blog, nice posts!

    I’m looking for some advice regarding sending a parcel to lista de correros in Santiago, Chile.
    Where was the parcel sent from and how long did it take to get there, I’m seeing some things that say 1 week and some things that say 5 weeks from Europe!
    Also do you know how the parcel should be addressed for lista de correros?

    Many thanks for any help.


  2. Hi Susie

    Thanks for reading the blog πŸ˜‰

    We had a parcel sent from the UK to Puetro Natales in the deep south of Chile and then had it forwarded to Santiago as we had to leave Puerto Natales before the parcel turned up.

    My guess is that if you get something sent to Santiago from the UK or similar that you should allow about 10 working days, i.e. 2 weeks.

    The address is:
    Your Name
    Lista de Correos (Poste Restante)
    Correo Central
    Plaza de Armas, 983 – Centro
    8340000 Santiago

    In the Central Post office there is a notice board in the back room where they post up what parcels have arrived. You then go to the little window to collect your parcel. I think they will keep it for 30 days…

    Good luck


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