Looking directly in the eyes of a balloon fish

Arriving at the dive shop we find we’re diving with David. He seems sound and seems to know more English than we do Spanish, which when it comes to diving is a good thing. Honest!

It’s a good 30-40 minute boat ride out to the island of Coronado. All the islands are in a national park, to ensure the safety of the whales when they are here breeding (Dec-Mar).

On the way out we see a school of dolphins and as it’s the Dolphin Dive Centre, we make time to go play with them. They are actually some of the biggest we’ve seen this whole trip.

The water is really warm, much warmer than Cabo and the visibility is better too. There certainly isn’t any shortage of marine life either. We see moray eels, not as many as in Cabo, but definitely just as scary. We also see lots of balloon puffer fish and David picks one up and it turns itself into a spiky ball almost instantly. Bernice gets to hold it, it’s pretty sharp but fear of dropping it (yes really, Doh!) and hurting it she let’s it swim gently away.

The second dive is amongst a boulder field and there’s lots to look at. Over the course of the day David comes across 3-4 anchors and a fish lure that he collects to take to the surface, clean up the environment.
After our dives we stop off at a glorious white sandy beach for a half hour or so before heading back to town. There are loads of pelicans about and they just collect around each new boat as it arrives to see if there are any fish on it for them. Lazy is what they really are.

Just as we leave the island we come across a huge shoal of jumping bat rays. They are about a metre across and totally comical jumping out one after the other as they charge across the water in front of our path.

When we get in we’re starving, diving kinda does that to you and so we go in search of ffooooooooddddd. Eyes bigger than belly though and we forget the further north we go the bigger the portions are getting. So with half the tacos we order wrapped to takeaway we don´t have to have a meal later, just some snacks.

The other thing diving does is tire you out, so a movie and relax are the order of the rest of the day, especially as we’ve arranged to go out diving again tomorrow with Raffael.

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