Looking for a needle in a Canyon

Up early again and tent packed away we head through town, stopping only to grab a coffee and cash.

The Wells Fargo bank are way out of kilter with all the other ATM’s Wanting to charge $5 a go in relation to the usual $2-3 everyone else charges. We keep forgetting till we’re at the machine but luckily realise in time!!

Spookily enough in the coffee shop, The Red Rock Cafe, we discover that the owner is from Dundee (you really wouldn’t know from his thick American accent, although within a few minutes of talking to him it comes through pretty clear) there are a few others in the place from Scotland too. We’re busy trying to find out the rugby score – that would have been an exciting game to watch by the sound of the BBC report!

The agenda for today is The Needles (part of Canyon Lands National Park) but on the way we have to make a compulsory stop at Wilson Arch (:-)) for a scramble and some photo’s. As it’s barely 0900 we have it to ourselves as well which is even nicer.

The timings are all about to go awry though as we take a wrong turn and end up at the Needles Outlook, a different dead end road to the one we wanted – a good mistake to make as views are fab and it’s quiet, but bad in that it’s cost us a few hours.

Arriving at The Needles proper, it’s already lunch time. We inquire about getting a refund on some park tickets we bought before we went halves with Karyn and Andrew for the annual pass – most parks charge between $15-25 per visit, an annual pass us $80, we visited two fee paying parks before even knowing the annual pass was an option. Even using it ourselves for the 6 week road trip, we save a shed load of money, but enabling Karyn and Andrew to use it for the other 11 months is a bonus. You get to put 2 signatures on it, any 2! Anyways we had no luck, apparently if we’d taken our receipts back to the Rockies park where we bought the annual pass we could have had a refund. Some you win, some you lose.

Grabbing lunch, we estimate we have just over 2 hours to do a trail walk before we need to get back on the road again. The original plan was a campsite down here last night but the sites Bernice looked at didn’t have very good write-ups, that’s why we stayed in the same one last night and planned the early start. Not to worry, we get advice from the visitor centre and choose to head for the Chesler Park Trail. It should be easily feasible except we forget the photo factor! i.e. How many times we’ll want to stop to take some šŸ™‚

We make it just over halfway and decide to turn back so we can get back to Moab for a shower and find somewhere to camp before running out of daylight.

It’s late saturday and once we’ve had a shower we realise getting a campsite for the night is a little trickier – we decide to head north rather than trawling round every site in Moab. It’ll cut down the drive tomorrow.

Unbeknownst to us it’s a barren wilderness out there and is not looking good for a campsite… we pull off the highway at a place called Green River thinking we can at least grab food for dinner, and we just happen by a State Park Campground – it’s good value and a nice looking site, well what we can see of it anyhow, as it’s pretty dark now.

So tent up we opt to cook and have some pasta for dinner, then it’s shithead and bed. The only disturbing occurrence is some teenage kids from a group site further down the site are walking around with a torch and walk unnecessarily close to us, twice. Odd!

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  1. Send the receipts to me. I’ll take them I and argue for a refund. My 15% cut will go towards beeroney in uk next summer šŸ™‚

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