A very chilled yet delayed day, we visit the chocolate shops that we had planned to yesterday, meeting Gerdien and Melanie to swap hiking photo´s too. We wander around town taking in the shops, something we never really did in Puerto Madryn. Then we spend the rest of the afternoon finalising the next stage of our trip. Fi moves her hostel booking in Mendoza (made for 4-7th March to coincide with the wine festival there) forward to Tuesday and cements her plan to head north, with a possibility of returning south to catch a bus across to Port Montt from here to meet the sailing boat. We bump into Michael (he´s had to move rooms but is still around) and he´s trying to book onto the same bus south. Though by the time he asks Julieta to book this the bus office is closed.

We were toying with going to the next town south El Bolson tomorrow in a hire car, which has been highly recommended, but Julieta says the Sunday market isn´t that big, better to go on Saturday, i.e. today. Like the day is nearly over, so that’s out.

After dinner we go for our free drink in the bar next door. Bernice has deliberately gone to dinner in scruffs, to save herself from another night on the tiles. She fails miserably. It´s Saturday night! It´s as good as our last night together with Fi (can´t party tomorrow night as our bus is mega early). So around pumpkin time we all troop back to our room and get changed before returning to our local choice in dancing/drinking holes. It was a good night, though tainted by the inevitable parting of ways it was signifying 🙁

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