New Depths

Bright eyed and bushy tailed. Well mostly, Bernice’s ears are still a bit blocked. Its our final day of diving today. We still haven’t done our swim tests yet, fundamental really – if you can’t swim you can’t get certified. We get these cracked off first while we’re waiting on others to arrive. We are still in a group of just us two and Jenny but we’re sharing the boat out to the dive site with other “fun divers”. Today´s mission is to complete the final two Open Water Dives and get through the last of the exercises:
• Vertical CESA to surface
• Swap regulator for snorkel at surface and purge water from snorkel
• Compass navigation – straight line and square
• Remove and refit weighs belt under water
• Different ways of entering and exiting water – big step into water, rolling backwards off boat, throwing gear into water inflated and putting it on in the water

The first site is the wreck we went to yesterday but today we go much deeper, then we return to base for fresh tanks for the second dive (didn’t need to do this yesterday as it was just us three on the boat and we took enough for both dives and spare)

The second dive is at “Hospital Point”. It’s pretty amazing and we see a half dozen or more largish Eagle Rays, a lobster, a drummer fish, trumpet fish …. The list goes on. Jenny was ecstatic, best vis she’s seen on this site and most sea life too. When we surface Bernice has a wee bit of a bloody nose but she’s fine.

Back at base once we’ve cleaned and stowed away our kit we have a celebratory drink with Jenny and Marion. We have to have our photo’s taken for the PADI cert and it’s an opener to get a photo of the girls too. Oh and Rumba – did we mention her, the puppy. Yes a photo of us all.

Then when the paperworks done we head off to check this other hostel out. On the way we bump into Nathan and Donna. Explain where we’re going and arrange to meet up in about an hour. At the hostel the woman we spoke to yesterday isn’t there so we agree to wait. While we do we wander to the ocean deck down the corridor to check out the view. On the way we spot some open doors – peaking in we both agree it’s too run down for us and walk away. Talking to Marion, we’d got a couple of other leads just for this very occasion so wandered across the road to check one out. It’s miles better but nearly double what we’re paying currently ($35 the room per night) We decide to go for it and agree to pay a requested deposit of $20

Planning on a shower before meeting Nathan and Donna we head back to SBTS but get side tracked and run out of time. They’ve been pressie shopping so aren’t planning a big night out like we thought and that we figured we owed ourselves to celebrate. So when they head off we go back to base, have a power nap, shower and go out for food to a nearby hostel “Casa Verde”, planning on just a drink but stay for dinner too. Great location and nice vibe. Shame they didn’t have vacancies!!!

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