Oh how we missed you

Happy days, the fishing line went out at dawn and Huw is now hauling in a very sizeable tuna (yellow fin 45-50cm). Oh how we’ve missed our fresh fish.
Prepping the fish is a lengthy and exhausting job. Filleting it, sorting out which parts for sushi, cerviche, general eating and soup.
Meanwhile trying to photograph the prize the camera lens fault develops further – it now doesn’t want to test back or forward, sticking typically in the middle. Not only that there looks like a bigger than should be gap down through it at one point. Not good, not good at all.
Also because we can’t get Richards PC to talk to the sat phone, we are getting the GRIB files (weather) down to the boat PC but the format is different to what we’re used to and there’s some concern we don’t have all the info we’d like.
As if that wasn’t annoying enough for one day, a reefing line (we put a reef in the main early evening, thats to make the sail smaller, remember) breaks not long into the nightshift. It happens on Richard´s watch and he says it sounded like a bomb going off. Not the best. It had been squeaking since we put it in, guess it was just rubbing until it snapped.

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