On the defensa

Market day!! Miles and miles and miles we walked. Calle Defensa, San Telmo is closed off every Sunday to host a Market, and what a display. The street is named after the residents who, trying to force back the English invaders in the early 1800’s  poured boiling oil down at them from their balconies as they came along the street. Nice! We had our eyes peeled!

First day on the buses for us – actually we were planning to use the tube but it is shut on Sundays. Just like Panama, all the buses are privately run. In order to navigate your way around the massive variety of routes you buy a small (very complicated) encyclopaedia called the “Guia T”  and hope for the best.

Starting at Plaza de Mayo and walking the full length of Defensa would take some time anyway, being chocka with stalls and locals ‘n’ tourists alike it took for ever. The beginning hosted stalls of clothes, jewellery and leathers (yes leather, everyone seems to be flogging leather jackets etc… in this heat, really!!!) The further you walk the more crafty it becomes until you reach the heart of San Telmo and Plaza Dorrego where every stall holds antiques with the stall holders looking nearly as old as their wares 🙂

When we’d had our fill we took to a back street (it’s all relative) for a rest and a refreshment. The bar was called “La Coruña”. Oops we’re back in Spain briefly.

By the time we bused it back to our gaff via the supermacado it was pretty late. We had every intention of going out and sampling a parradilla but so tired and so rock’n’roll we’re on leftover carbonara and salad for dinner  zzzzzzz

PS happy birthday Mik!

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