Parilla :-)

Matt and Kirsty (who we walked the “W” in Torres del Paine) arrive in Sucre today. They had no internet coverage in Potosi or San Pedro so end up in a different hostel to us, but it´s only along the road. We meet them at the church of San Francisco next to the market and decide to go for lunch at a place we haven´t tried yet – “Pueblo Chico”, it´s actually our brekkie as we got up and went straight to Spanish lessons this morning. The café bar is quite nice but although the big plates of food coming out look really good, our sandwiches are a little forelorn. Still we catch up on where we´ve each been since we last saw each other in Valparaiso. On our way we bump into Stephanie and Richard (Irish), she seems to be on the mend, they looked like they were on their way out of town, but they are just moving hostels.

Roxanna does us proud with the parilla, there are 25 for dinner, not to mention all her family, other workers in the hostel and Zandro who comes and does the cooking works wonders with the tiny little BBQ they have in the courtyard garden. Matt, Kirsty and Richard (Irish, Stephanie is still feeling a little delicate so passes this up ) come along and join us too. It costs us 25Bs each (that’s less than 2.50GBP) and there´s as much salad and meat as you can eat!

Marcela and Noel arrive in hostel just before the BBQ starts; they are booked onto a bus but it´s not running due to blockades on the outskirts of town. Their hostel is now full, so Roxanna finds them space for the night – sharing with Dan, he´s had the 3 man room to himself since we moved to a double.

At the parilla we meet Jenna (NY) she has just arrived and is here in Bolivia as part of a university exchange programme for a year, based in Cochabamba (we are thinking of going there next but haven´t made our mind up yet so we get some info from her). She´s here in Sucre for a week on some kind of project working at the local library among other things, and has to make a children’s book too. Coincidentally we also get talking to Philly a friend of Roxanna´s who is English and has been here 6 years we think. Well she has set up a charity project involving the street children. She works as a travel writer for the Columbian Times, and in her spare time produces a children’s magazine with the children’s input which they then sell in the main plaza at the weekends retaining half the proceeds for themselves (Big Issue styly). This is of obvious interest to Jenna and so compelling that we arrange to go along with Jenna to the plaza on Saturday to meet and help the children. They like volunteers who can speak English and help them get the tourists to stop and understand what they are doing.

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