Return of the flapjack

Provisioning today seemed harder than it should have as there are no real mountain-food options in town – like there´s a niche in the market needs tapping for sure!!! It led us to the conclusion that flapjacks would be ideal, especially when we spotted golden syrup in the supermarket. What there was though was a great dried fruit supply, albeit expensive – beats taking a load of sweet chocolate type stuff up.

We checked with Susan 1st that it´d be ok to use the oven in the hostel and in return gave her a copy of our recipe along with some tasters.

Sarah and Sam (from the muddy Route 40 bus) had both mentioned a boat that takes 4 days to cruise up the Chilean Fjords to Puerto Montt from Puerto Natales which sounds pretty cool, so we decided to look into this and as it leaves the day after we get back from the hike (it only goes once a week) and there´s space we go ahead and book – a nice easy 4 days for our feet and legs to recuperate after the walk.

Whilst the flapjacks are coking people start arriving back at the hostel post hike and we get talking to some of them and hearing some stories about how fab their trip was. A couple also arrive who are intending setting off at the same time as us tomorrow.

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