Finally we wake up to a great day. After breakfast young Luis and his family agree to take us to a beach. We go all around the island of Bastimentos to a tiny island called “Cayos Zapatillas”. Its a nature reserve too and we each get stung for $10 but its a great beach and we have a fab time, it’s the best weather we’ve had yet and also the best day. Rum gets cracked open and it is on the verge of silliness when we head back.

We have a few games of back at base before heading out for dinner at a Thai we’ve found on the island, but its closed so instead we went to a place at the r d pf the one street that is Bastimentos (no road, just a path straight through the village) it was very friendly and we sat right out on a floating platform in the sea. Our own wee gazebo.
We have an entertaining few minutes ordering. We’re not sure about an item on the menu and ask. To be told its “swims of course” we eventually agree to disagree because no matter how much we try to agree its shrimps, we’re corrected and told its swims. Its settled when the owner brings out a shrimp and declares (like we’re all daft) “see, swims” ….Tee hee hee. More beers are flowing and when we get back to the hotel its time to say bye bye to Jenny & Dan as they have an early start in the morning.

Bernice heads off to bed, quickly copied by the others till only Huw and Nathan are sat up chatting.

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