Time for a haircut!

Up and about by 0730, we agree the best plan is to breakfast, take the tent down and then take chances each going to the shower block while the other does some admin while the laptop is charging.

We get away about 1030 having skyped with Connie and Rowan and made half a plan for next week. The first stop obviously is the bridge to see the grey whale – we would have been very unlucky if it had gone over night having been there 7 weeks already – apparently the marine biologists are checking on her daily and she seems in good health. She certainly is getting herself known about town.

The local bobbies are at either end of the bridge alerting motorists to the volume of pedestrians on the bridge – full time job we reckon.

After admiring and worrying about her, we bid her fairwell and head onwards north to today’s destination, Crater Lake, Oregon.

Great and different scenery once again. We cross the state border at 1:11. More pine forests that redwoods and much more hilly. We stop for lunch at a roadside rest place, it’s not that scenic but there’s loos and god!! Yes we get accosted by a christian inviting us ladies to go look at his pamphlets!!! He does eventually realise Huw is a boy!!

On our way again, it seems like another marathon drive day to get to our proposed destination. Again we finally arrive to find the campsite full. Thankfully, as it looks like a huge family campsite from hell. Trying to stop in a national park site during school holidays seems to be doomed. They at least give us a handout with some alternative suggestions.

We head back along the road towards one we saw on the way in that looked ok. It’s pretty big but also pretty empty with 60 or more generous sites nestled in the woods, each with their one picnic bench and BBQ :-). The downside – loos only, no showers, but that won’t hurt for one night.

So pitch picked, Huw puts the tent up while Bernice tries to find her way back to reception to pay. There’s a cute puppy lab in the pitch next to us called max we discover. Bonus.

Huw’s not feeling great, hasn’t been most of the day, at least he was able to sleep a little while Bernice drove. So it’s dinner and then an early night. Hopefully he’ll feel better in the morning.

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