The sea state is pretty much back to normal by the morning, the boat had stopped listing and the passengers had all but stopped retching, as such brekkie was busy as everyone was trying to catch up on missing dinner last night!

After feasting there was an announcement that the captain was coming down to speak to us it turned out he wanted to tell us about an earthquake that had happened in the night in the waters of Japan (8.9 on the richter scale) that had then caused a Tsunami. There was no word as yet as to how much devastation it had caused or how many dead. Although the tsunami was now headed our way due to hit the Chilean coast around midnight tonight. This was nothing to worry about though cause we weren’t out in open water any longer, the canals and fjords were sheltered enough we could relax. In fact by midnight we’d be crossing a big lake and would be at least a mile from shore in any direction, so there was nothing to worry about.

There was likely to be news coverage around 9pm and if anyone needed to find out about relatives they should come forward.

The rest of the morning was taken up by card school. Yes you can guess the game. Then to brighten up our day and take our mind off the news and imminent possibility of it affecting us, we had a film – Inception – maybe this time we could watch it without any crazy American woman complaining about the volume!!!

The schedule for today promises a party tonight as it’s our last night. But under the circumstances will it happen …. Yes! Well we guess it makes sense as a distraction.

The night kicks off with Huw’s favourite – Bingo! But with a twist, every time someone says the word bingo they have to dance, even if they have won a prize. A gentle introduction to Chilean dancing before party got into full swing, yeh right. Well Huw thought so when he won a prize yet again!!! A nice bottle of red this time 🙂

It was a pretty late night and there were no noticeable hiccups due to the tsunami affecting our passage, thankfully. We swapped contacts with everyone we’d got to know on board, with yet another invite to Vancouver from a couple of guys just finishing a road trip down the length of both continents on motorbikes.

Rudely awoken by an announcement informing us brekkie was being served – at 7am!!! Far too early, we’d arrived at Puerto Montt though, but were anchored in the bay, weren’t allowed to dock as they were still on high alert for the tsunami, no telling how long they’d keep us here…..

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