Walking in the rain …

Yawn! There was half a plan to get up mega early and go catch the sunrise over the Fitz Roy but as the alarm went off around 0630 the rain stopped play and we had a further hour or torture trying to find comfort in our confined but dry bed. Michael´s hired tent was much bigger than ours even though only a solo one-man jobber. To be fair he did offer to swap a few times but where would the fun have been in that?!

With a little respite from the rain around 0800 we got up and packed the tent away quickly before having brekkie in a nearby shelter.

Then it was onwards to Lago Torre, where we were supposed to have a combined view of Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre but with the non-stop rain since we set off there was no view. We went all the same (meeting a few of the other guys who were out for their 2nd day hike), took the obligatory photo and retreated to the woods for a wet lunch in the rain. Almost felt like hiking at home!

There was some good to come from the rain though, the colours it made the rocks glow was truly amazing, terracotta’s and greens, the photo´s probably won´t do this justice!

On our way back to base we stopped off at the bus station to book our bus for tomorrow´s trip south to El Calafate. Yep we´re mad going back on a bus, but it´s all tarmac´d road so should be hassle free, fingers and toes crossed.

No sooner had Bernice finished in the shower and we had a power cut, transpired it had hit the whole town and was a common occurrence. Well Huw and Michael weren´t so lucky, not just in the hot water availability, but in actual water availability full stop – it just stopped coming out of the shower midway, must have been fed by an electric pump. Doh!

We were all excited about going for waffles but no power meant that was out L

Of course we improvised and went to a wine bar instead. Then when the power was restored we were wandering about trying to make a food decision when we bumped into Matt & Sophie, two Brits Michael had met on his bus down. (Just to clarify, Michael didn´t have any issues with getting stuck in the mud overnight as he was on another less scenic route). They were headed to a Parrilla so decision made, we joined them. The steaks were pretty good but Bernice´s Lamb was all bone and gristle, oh well you can´t win them all.

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