We sprung our own Spring in Glenwood

It’s a lazy, quiet start, but then ask yourself: if you were glamping in a Yurt would you want to get out of bed?

Tim is long gone to work when we return to his cave to use the toilet and shower. But he plans to be back for 2ish so we can go rafting, weather permitting!! It does start a bit ropey this morning but gets better and better as the hours tick by, not like yesterday thank goodness.

So a morning of chillaxing and sorting through photo’s – we are behind by about 4,000! At least the blog seems under control for the minute. 😉

When Tim gets home its all hands on deck preparing for rafting. The sky has cleared up nicely. This rafting experience is going to be different to the Canadian one with Conny in that there’s only one rower sat in the middle, high up on a fixed frame while the others chill with a beer! Nice!

Cars juggled so one is at the start and one at the end, we set off down the Colorado River. Our expedition takes us about an hour down stream from Grizzly Creek to Two Rivers Park. Interestingly and as a huge surprise to us we stumble across a hot spring at the side of the river opposite the commercial Hot Springs Spa, and ofcourse we tie the raft ashore and have a soak. A totally awesome afternoon out 🙂

Dragging ourselves away only when we realise the temperature is dropping as the evening descends and not wanting to be too cold on the last 10/15 minutes back, we reluctantly get going. Back at the car we quickly change into dry clothes, retrieve the other car, then Huw and Tim drive the gear back, unpack and do a trip to Tim’s new place while Bernice goes shopping for supplies for dinner.

Carbonara is on the menu as it’s quick and easy, washed down with some wine and followed up with a walk under the stars up the lane … we finish off the day in style with another night in the yurt. Thanks Mike and Ruth.

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