Westward Ho!

Cleaning and boat prep done. Gas plus extra bottles done. Gas secured on board done. Fruit & veg buying being done. Deisel fill up: we’re in the queue!!! OMG it’s hot! Supermarket shopping and final Internet still to do. Adam and Will on return with F&V have lunch and shoot off to buy water so we can load it whilst at the fuel dock. Then set off again to do last min Internet. After we re-anchor and have our lunch Paul, Huw and Bernice head back ashore to do our last min internet.

It looks like we might leave tonight but even if we don’t it’s unlikely we’ll come ashore again so if we don’t get a chance to upload photo’s sorry!!!

Next stop St Lucia, The Caribbean. :0)

4 thoughts on “Westward Ho!

  1. Great reading, Bernice and Huw! Nice to follow what’s going on… wish I were there after all. Waiting for more stories. Have an enjoyable and safe trip West!

  2. You lucky people.
    Snow still very heavy chaos on the roads. But still managing to keep the home fires burning.
    Liz xx

  3. Sounds great, enjoy next part of trip, looking forward to up date. Had 6 inches of snow here on south coast Wednesday night, enjoy that sunshine xx

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