What a Fereday

What a great sleep. Nick’s futon was soooooo comfy we didn’t want to get up. But needs must … We promised to drop Nick off at college and we just have to check out his favourite coffee shop too. It has wifi which will allow us to contact Hertz and find out how best to get the car fixed…

The coffee shop is pretty close to college but parking proves a little tricky and we end up having to walk a few blocks back to it – not realising that there’s parking out back … oh, well.

Our conversation with Hertz goes better than anticipated. We call the office where we got the car from and tell them about the flat and that highway patrol thought that all the tyres looked a bit worn. Wondering if we can get the flat repaired and maybe also new tyres on the other three wheels. But right away he says the best thing to do is swap the car right out. Reminding him we’re in Colorado now, thinking he’ll change his mind, he just says that doesn’t matter. So we call the nearest office to where we are and find that after a little calling around there’s a Chevrolet SUV traverse (big car!) available but nothing else. They’re prepared to give us this for no extra cost! The fuel economy is the same so it won’t cost us anymore to run either. Hhmm…

We go find the office thinking this is what they’re swapping our car for, but by the time we get there they have changed the option to a jeep. This is much better as it’s not such a monster truck, it also has California plates and four wheel drive, ideal for the next leg of our journey in the canyons. Win win.

Once this is sorted we go to where Karyn works as we realise it’s nearby and also lunchtime… Hurray, we catch her on her lunch break šŸ™‚

After lunch Karyn has more clients to see and we go visit some shops… Best Buy, REI (it’s like Cotswold Camping) … Then take ourselves over to the Fereday’s house (and lovely it is too), let ourselves in as instructed and re-organise all our gear before managing a little wifi time till Karyn gets home with the boys – Ben (5) and Max (2.5). They have loads of energy and quickly rope us into a lightsaver fight Star Wars styly!! Shy? Not on your nelly!

Andrew gets home from work – he’s been in California the last two days – around 8pm and we all have dinner, well the boys have there’s slightly earlier, then catch up with lots of chat before bedtime.

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