Fri 12 – We went to collect our flapjack t-shirts but the shop was shut. Good job we don’t need them now cause the shop isn’t open again till Monday. Doh! Big night out at WOMAD tonight. Not only did we drink lots of beer and collect lots of cups, Adam even managed to acquire some more, but alas they’d run out of t-shirts. Boo hoo! Especially as we’d all now decided to wear them as team t’s for the dinghy race on Sunday. Well we’ll just have to come back tomorrow night to collect. What a drag.

Sat 13 – Back at WOMAD, the music is a bit hit and miss, but get this, you can bring in you’re own alcohol, not only that, there were a few entrepreneurs out there selling beers cheaper than the stalls. But this was no use to us as we were on a mission! Not only for t-shirts but for hats too, these cost 5 cups each…. The weekend so far was a tad messy to say the least.

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