A night on the runway

As planned Bob and Elaine dropped us off on el Porviner after lunch. They seemed really reluctant to do so. Sorry to see us go? Perhaps. More than that, they were worried we’d have no where to spent the night. This island, one of the bigger ones on San Blas, has about 6 buildings: Immigration, a Kuna museum, the control tower, a restaurant, a half built possible new restaurant/hotel and two other buildings together on the otherside of the runway, one with “hotel” on it’s end wall. We say our goodbyes assuring them we’ll be fine, we have a tent afterall and we’re not afraid to use it!!

We skip past the immigration building as we have our Panama stamp and don’t need to check in again, and head along a well worn path across the runway to investigate the “hotel”. We’re in luck. There is life there and on a veranda around the side out of view are a few sofa’s occupied by some of the Kuna family running the place. The old lady takes charge and instructs a younger woman to show us a room.

We spend the rest of the afternoon exploring the island – down the beach to the end of the runway, across the runway and down the beach on the other side is about the size of it – and chillin´ in the sea side hammocks supplied by the hotel 🙂 We have a chat to an Italian guy who has been touring the San Blas for 3 months and who is so desparate fo real food, i.e. pasta, that he has convinced the hotel to let him use their kitchen to cook his own food. Obviously this being San Blas, he first has to get a boat ride over to Wichaubala to the shop to buy provisions!

In the evening, we have some mostly cooked food from the kitchen washed down with a couple of Balboas for good measure. Then it´s early to bed as the flight is early and we don´t really know what the deal is with check-in. When we spoke to the old woman that runs the place she just said turn up first thing??

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