The web is definitely worldwide

At brekkie this morning Bob seemed to be under the impression that we would have changed our mind, but no. It’s definitely a no.
We decide its smart to leave them now rather than stay for 4 more days, too awkward and not fair if no possibility of a different outcome. So we set sail to El Porviner, the island where the airport is. On the way Huw phones the airline in his best Spanish to see if we can bring our flight forward to tomorrow. Unfortunately we can’t get a flight tomorrow but has changed it to Wednesday…. he thinks!!

Bob suggests because of this we should stop at the West Lemons today instead as we could then get ashore for Internet and its a better place to spend the night.

On arrival at West Lemons (another small sandy set of islands max height above sea level 2 metres) we all go ashore for some Internet time San Blas style, i.e. a palm thatched hut with a satellite dish out back which doubles as a bar/restaurant. We were able to check that the flight had been changed succesfully – phew!

Back aboard, we cook carbonara for dinner and show Elaine how easy it is to make, albeit we made it with spicy cheese and condensed milk, not parmesan and single cream. She offers us brekkie and then a big lunch tomorrow before we part company – in case there’s nothing available on El Porvenir. We can’t imagine it being a problem, it having the only airport for miles but accept the kind offer anyway as its a good way to finish – we plan to get dropped off after lunch as the flight is so early on Wednesday morning, we don’t want to trouble them to row us ashore at 5am!!!

We then finished off a very civilised day with more cards.

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