An unexpected afternoon off

A better nights sleep had by all – we must be getting used to it?!!! Huw is also feeling better, hurrah!

Egg banjos and oj for brekkie and a chat with Ina on reception about possibilities of staying another week – yep there’s space and she suggests we also join a bigger group (been just us two in lessons till now, same with the diving. Luxury really. We also paid another instalment of money – they’ll only take cash and we can only take out so much from the ATM a day. Just as we’re leaving to go to the dive shop Kayla turns up with a very swollen face – an allergic reaction by the looks not quite as bad as Will Smith in “Hitch” but not far off – so we reckon we won’t be having lessons this afternoon.

At the dive school it is a morning of videos, tests and learning how to use the dive planner – how long you can stay at what depth and how long you should leave between dives etc. We let Marion know there is a chance we can get back this afternoon to finish off final test if our Spanish doesn’t happen.

As suspected, Kayla toughed it out teaching in the morning but is off home to sleep – so no Spanish for us today. Funny she’s a local girl and chatting to her the other day about malaria tablets etc she informs us she’s had an injection. Cost $2 and now she’s covered, no need for tablets. It is a wonder about these places that are so called “malaria hotspots” what the indigenous population do. They can’t a) afford the tablets in most cases and b) who’d want to be continuously taking them? It’s not recommended for sure. So if there is an immunisation injection out there how come we’re not told about it and can’t find any info on the web about it for that matter???!!

After lunch we take full advantage of the time off by having a power nap. Then we head down and finish off our tests at dive school – we pass hooray!! We then learn that we have 4 open water dives to do not 2 as we thought, which means no Friday night out for us as we will be diving Saturday morning 🙁 but more diving 🙂

Back at the SBTS we start to make vocabulary cards to help get more words into our brains.

Pizza for dinner – we order too much though. It seems like out appetites have disappeared. Not sure if it is due to the heat, the anti malarials or the water. ….Top of the agenda for discussion at is what to do next. We are still not happy that staying another week in SBTS and/or in Bocas is the right answer…!?

Another early night as we have our first open water dives in the morning!

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