Cold feet

We both had a better nights sleep in that the mossie net we rigged up over the bed worked a treat, that combined with the fan Ina gave us and there were no mossie’s or chitres thankfully. All we had to contend with once all that was sorted was the blasted cockerels again. In the neighbouring garden and extremely loud from about 0230 for a quick warm up then in ernest from around 0500 till 0700 when we need to get up!!!!
We both also took a Piriton to stop the bites from the previous night itching unbearably so that helped us ignore them.

New people obviously arrived in hostel late yesterday evening and when we went to get washed one of them was doing his laundry in sink. So we can’t get ready very easy and it turns into a stressy morning. Bernice is pretty wound up by time get to the dive shop.
We watch another video. Bernice is having lots of second thoughts about continuing, partly the events of the morning and partly nerves, while Huw is pretty excited….. Stick in there girl!
As it turns out the morning goes really well. Skills we did today in our 2nd confined water dive are:
• Removing mask completely and then re-fitting it and clearing it (Bernice again)
• Remove gear and then refit under water
• Assisting tired diver – 3 ways of helping them to safety on surface
• Fin pivot and hovering under water to practice finding neutral buoyancy
• Cramp removal
• Exchange own regulator for buddies alternate regulator (spare)

Huw is quite shivery and sicky afterwards, we’re both still very tired too. As a result Spanish lesson drags in today for both of us.

We finally catch up with Nate and Donna at Mexican for some dinner and Huw gets his phone back, but it really is an early night for us again – bed by 10pm. Rock and roll!!!
Huw still out of sorts, hopefully he’ll feel better in the morning 🙂

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