First contact with the Kuña

We all have a bit of a disturbed night as Bob & Elaine wake up around 2ish and decide the anchor needs re-laying as its dragging (i.e. we´re not dug in enough and are moving) we think it´s cause when we put it out its was turned over on itself so it probably couldn´t dig in firm enough. So at 530am when we were planning to get up to have an early start, we´re all a bit sleepy. The plan is to sail at first light to Chichime, the first of the San Blas we are to visit, and stop there the night. Leaving just after 6am, we get there around 2pm. We´re almost there when Bob comes up and starts quizzing Bernice about her sailing ability. It takes us both a bit by surprise, but none the less she goes ahead and tries to answer and demonstrate what he´s asking – does she know how to sail to the wind? What experience has she got of this etc… Well, in Huw´s opinion, Bernice is her own worst enemy as she lacks confidence and sells herself short. A case that is proven by Bernice easily steering to windward for the next 30 mins or so.

On arrival at Chichme, Bob takes over and manoeuvres Pipistrelle through the reef and we lay anchor in a lovely little spot in front of a tiny palm covered island where we can´t wait to go for a swim/snorkel. The Kuña ladies are very quick to come over in their little dug-out canoes to try sell us their sewing and patchwork to us. We try to bargain a little with them but they won´t budge at all so we suggest maybe tomorrow and leave it at that.

We then take our new travel mask and snorkel for a trial run on the beach … viz is ok, enough to try out the gear and for Bernice to get more comfortable with the whole snorkelling thing.

We shower on the bathing platform then retire to the cockpit for a dinner of chilli and potatoes and a well earned beer 🙂

2 thoughts on “First contact with the Kuña

  1. It runs in the family at least with the female members must be to do with the six brothers. You show them Bernice. xx

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