We got crabs

Waking up around 830ish we have brekkie and are getting ready to set sail when the Kuña ladies arrive back, this time an older one (the mum, and the boss) is there, she agrees to the price we wanted yesterday. Cool, Elaine is well chuffed as she really liked them, she wanted to buy two squares of what are called ´Molas´. Before she pays Bernice tries to see if she can do a deal on three so we can have one. Success, hurrah! We pay and Elaine also gives the old lady a pair of glasses to help her with the close stitch work. This gesture is welcomed and they go away beaming. Everyone is happy :o)
We have a two-fold plan today. To go a short hop to an island called Wichibwala, that is known to have a shop – we hope to buy some fresh fruit and veg. Then it´s on to a group of islands called the East Lemons, Bob and Elaine have already spent some time in the West Lemons. Wichibwala is right next door to La Porvenir, which where we´ll come back to next Friday to catch our flight back to Panama. We can see a windsock on this tiny patch of land but it in no way would you imagine it was big enough for a landing strip. All these islands are amazing. Exactly what you´d envisage (and what Hollywood portray as) a deserted island to look like. Except these are generally not deserted, some have little communities whose rickety dwellings completely cover the tiny patch of land sticking out of the sea, others are palm tree covered with one or two little thatched huts hiding on them. The sand is golden, the sea aqua blue. Really beautiful, and better appreciated were we alone together…. romantic aha, to share with complete strangers uh uh!
After visitng the island shop and only being half successful buying fruit we were more successful on the seafood front – buying a huge crab of a Kuña guy rather than catching it ourselves you realise. Then we sailed on as planned. At our destinaton Huw went for a snorkel and swim but Bernice had a sore eye – not sure if she got suncream in it or it was as a result of the snorkeling yesterday – so bailed out today and just chilled.
Bob prepared the crab for dinner as we watched some more Kuñas visiting the yachts (including ours) with a dog swimming after their canoe. Bernice was really worried about it as it must have swam the length of a football pitch by the time it got to us…

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