No room at the Inn

Not much happened yesterday, Michael wasn´t about all day and we were quite worried about him, but he showed up early evening just as we finished dinner and we watched another movie with him while we multi-tasked sorting photo´s out. He still doesn´t look too well.

Today is just as eventless. Chris turns up at the hostel out of the blue (the American we met in Valdivia at Aires Buenos hostel). He emailed us a few days ago asking what hostel we were in and told us he was coming at some point but not when and as it turns out our hostel is full tonight. There´s a chance he can move in tomorrow but he has to go find somewhere else in the meantime. He ends up at Pacha Mama, which where Richard and Stephanie are and it’s just a short walk up the hill from Wasi Masi.

We also meet Tom (Lincolnshire) and Natalie (Staines) an English couple, she speaks fluent Spanish and he starts lessons with Isaac tomorrow.