Wee beastie

Great fun lessons today. Well for Bernice anyway, much to the bewilderment of Isaac, because some of the pronunciations of past tense verbs that we encountered sounded like ´wee beastie´. Richard and Stephanie started taking lessons with Isaac today too.

It´s bizarre but it definitely feels like we´ve changed hostels as so many people have left and so many new people are arriving today but they haven´t migrated to the communal area yet so it feels pretty dead. Another Dutch couple from singing lamb – Peter and Sona arrived and moved into the room Linda and Wouter had. We didn´t recognise them a first which is pretty bizarre since we spent a whole evening with the 4 of them the night they got back off their “W” trek, the night before we started ours.

We decide on roast chicken for lunch, there´s a wee rotisserie shop just down from the hostel and it’s awesome (Q´sabor – pollo al speido), you get a bag of tatties that have been cooking slowly in the chicken juices at the bottom of the rotisserie. Nice 🙂

As such we aren´t very hungry in the evening, Michael shows up just as we are about to go looking for a snack and he´s feeling a bit delicate and doesn´t want to eat much eather. We opt for buying ingredients for guacamole from the market along with some carrots, crisps and bread for dipping and settle in the TV room with a movie: “Michael Clayton”. As soon as it starts we realise we´ve seen it but sit through it anyway.

The Swiss girls leave this evening heading for the jungle and then La Paz so we might see them there.

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  1. I think it’s amazing how you keep in touch with folks on the road and how you keep meeting up with them again! Enjoying the read 🙂 keep it up.

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