Saucepans to fight lightening?

Today we put the fishing line out with our own trace on it and a new squidy, just in case. Fingers crossed we catch an edible fish ๐Ÿ™‚

The gas bottle needed changing at day break too. Which is quite good going and to be expected really when there’s only the 3 of us and no oven on board.

Around 0800 we move into Honduras waters briefly and about 0900 we have a fish on the line (a big eye tuna, 45-50cm) Bernice brings it in and guts and filets it. The preparation takes 2 hours!! Its about the same size as the tuna Huw landed other day but seems more meaty.

Lunch becomes a fusion of japan meets Italy – brochette and sushi. Nice! Oh and we make more soup from the bones, waste not want not!!!

Surprise surprise we are able to put the sails up and turn the engine off for few hours. It sounds and feels really weird.

Richard comes up with a new plan – to stop in El Salvador at Bahia Jiquilisco, Barillas Marina for refuelling and wait on a weather window to get across the Golfo de Tehuantepec This is completely manageable and we can get there in the morning so with plenty of fuel.

Yet again when Bernice is on watch the starboard engine runs out of fuel. The wind also picks up and we are all called on deck. We put a reef in, but within minutes the line breaks again. We shake out the reef as the wind dies away.

But then Richard calls Huw up on deck again about 0500. The wind is back up and there’s lightening all around. But they decide not to take action for now just monitor the situation. Which is ok except there’s a lot of crashing and banging which makes it impossible to sleep ๐Ÿ™ The lightening has made for a pretty nerve wracking night alround really – we even resort to putting the sat phone and hand held GPS in the saucepans to act as a faraday cage to hopefully protect them if we do suffer a lightening strike!!

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